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Knowledge is something that endows with discipline to people; from discipline obtained from the knowledge comes worthiness; from worthiness one gets wealth; from wealth one does good deeds and from those good deeds one gets joy. So education helps people to obtain four main ‘Objects Of Human Pursuit’ viz. Dharma(virtues and right way of living) , Artha(Meaning Of Life), Kama(Pleasure Of Senses), Moksha(Emancipation).

That Is To Say,

For achieving all these, Hilary not only teaches its students to be materially successful but also teaches to be morally good and ethically disciplined. Our school tries its best to manifest the latent talent of students by providing them friendly environment in accepting the fact of Holistic Education System and approaches of Modern Education.

Dear Parents and Well-wishers, our students will not only morally, physically, spiritually be able but also will be the medium of social transformation and pioneer person of the nation  by obtaining the multidisciplinary facets of their life .By accepting the Nepali Proverb आफू भलो त जगत भलो ” our students will be the best examples in the society who not only enjoy their progress and prosperity but in others too throughout their life. They will be the qualified citizens and medium of other’s happiness rising from their limited selfishness and will be ever ready to sacrifice their life for others progress.

 Ultimately, I would like to wish a very Happy New Year -2074 and invite you all to visit Hilary English High School and trust us to make its journey alive in the days to come.


Deepak Sharma

Executive Chairperson

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