Grade 8-10
Senior Block of the school consists of three grades for now: Grade VIII, IX and X. They are named as Grade VIII 'Mercury Section', Grade IX 'Venus Section' and Grade X 'Jupiter Section'. The teaching learning activities in these grades are based on the curriculum prescribed by the government. But it is not constricted and bound only by it, we have almost all types of extra-activities for them too. 

Grade V-VII.
Special programme has been launched for Grade VI (Makalu Section) this year which will be continued in Grade V and VII as well from next academic session-2075 (2018-2019). The teaching learning will be mostly focused to activities based. We conduct as many activities as possible based on the demand of the subject. The students learn by fun and sometimes have an opportunity of experiencing the real ground as well.

Junior school at our school comprises of Grades I to IV. From the academic session-2075, CPRS will be started. There is Grade Teaching for these grades. Each class has a major grade teacher with 2-3 assistant teachers. All the classes are carried out activity-based under the supervision of CPRS Mentor. 


We are feeling proud to inform the entire parents and guardians that we have introduced CPS (Complete Pre-School System) Program in Hilary English High School. CPS is a well-designed intervention program that caters the child’s needs and stress that all childhood professionals working with pre-school children need to master a core body of knowledge about early childhood development. Highlighting the fact that early childhood stage consists of children who are growing up to various physical, emotional and social changes, it concludes that early childhood is the most ‘Sensitive Period’ of Life in which the child subjects towards responsive relationship. Children develop their full Cognitive, Emotional and Social and Physical Potential through an appropriate program called CPS.  

In CPS program children can learn through songs and rhymes, drawings, craft works, storytelling and play that incorporate all of their senses. Here, the teacher capitalizes on children’s play to offer lessons through playful avenues like language and vocabulary development using various games, miming, and storytelling which improves the social skills like group work, pair work. It introduces scientific and mathematical concepts through pretending plays, project work and field trip .Physical activities, such as outdoor games, finger play songs, simple body exercises, foster hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills, writing games sharpen fine motor skills. Card games help to encourage memory retention and post story activities instill a love of reading and learning languages. Furthermore ,CPS program let the young pre-scholars have much freedom as possible in the area of creative plays.CPS always ensures that when our young learners are having fun, they are also absorbing educational concepts.

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