“Through this place we thrive, we serve and find our place in the world.”

Hilary English High School under New Visionary Management Team is an attempt of some renowned individuals from the different walks of life, to bring about a reform in the education system in Nepal. Founded in the year 2054 B.S, Hilary English High School is a co-educational English Medium school, situated in the heart of the heart of Kathmandu, Gaurinagar, near by the most popular holy shrine of all Hindus, Pashupatinath. Ever since its establishment, it has earned a great recognition in achieving hundred percent SLC result in all batches till the date .It has been possible only due to its total dedication of teaching faculties and staff. Despite all the hurdles and obstacles, now Hilary is going to be operated by a new management team with a clear vision and mission to bring the utmost changes in all the academic and extracurricular activities of the students. From the coming session, our school is going to bring a lot of reforms in the internal infrastructures, school timing, evaluation system, monitoring system, cafeteria and many more. Before the new academic session-2074, it has already initiated its Pre-Primary section on the basis of CPS (Complete Pre-School System) Program which is visible among all. From the upcoming session, Hilary will compromise highly experienced, qualified, trained and leading academic professionals and astute managers with great exposure and recognition in the field of educational administration.

All the teaching professionals are and will be capable enough to impart the students the best education in their field of study. We provide an exceptionally caring and learning-focused environment for our students. While encouraging students to strive for academic excellence, they are also guided individually to develop their individual potential and talent to the full. The school encourages students to develop good character and global citizenship through action and service embedded in the rich and multifaceted co- curricular activities. Students learn to appreciate positive universal human values including responsibility, honesty, integrity, humility, commitment, perseverance, respect for others, compassion, and value learning.

The school adopts a holistic language approach so that the effective use of language is expected in every aspect of teaching and learning in all subjects, not just in language lessons. In this way, all teachers are responsible for the students’ language development.

The school thus aims to enhance students’ awareness of their own cultural identity and heritage, whilst depending their understanding and respect for other people, nations and cultures.

Our Mission

The specific Mission of Hilary English High School is to assist our students for their holistic development providing quality education which can shape the current and forthcoming demands of the society and professional market with the diverse extra and co-curricular activities. Hilarian not only be able to show their latent talent in paramount level in academic excellence but also in any field of their interests. So we want to fabricate a socially, morally, physically, spiritually, confident and globally sellable citizen who will be the medium of social transformation to bring positive changes in the society.

 Our Vision

Our short term Vision is to materialize our mission and to prove it in the days to come. So the outcome of our mission can be judged in the coming years when our pre-level words will move forward having all the personal qualities like self-reliance, self-confident, discipline, leadership traits, value judgment, social service and so on.    In addition to this, we will provide all the requirements for all aged-group children to foster their latent talents at utmost level.

Our Belief

Hilary believes that every mind is a separate knife made from the same steel. The difference among them derives from their sharpness, not merely being measured by the dissemination of bookish knowledge but by experiences as well. We believe not in making every pupil successful, but in making them capable so that they can handle defeat and learn from it and strive to win. And while doing so, we collaborate with national and international institutions and programs in the days to come so as to strengthen our vision and output at the same time. We believe in making the foundations strong so that even if the stem runs dry, a new life begins from the root.


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